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Sciencology - The study of the effect of bad science on the psyche.

This term is coined from the production of 'Professor Brainstein Presents'

In the production Professor Brainstein maintains that he is a ...


This is a person who researches the effects of wrong

scientific theories as it pertains to the psychological effects it has

on the human mind when they discover the theories are wrong.

IE - the theory of the earth being the center of the universe.


Or perhaps the speed of light being fundamental ...

and the  Big Bang theory ?

See 'Professor Brainstein Presents' for more information


To date the maladies discovered by sciencology include;

Irregular choking

Permanent crossed eyes or cockeyed

Extended blushing

Withdrawal from public presence



See your sciencologist today if you suffer from the effects of bad science.


The onset is when you realize the science you believed to be true was not and ...

you are not sure how to deal with it.


Your local Sciencologist can help.


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